Liguria is a one of Italy's smallest regions, stretches west in a narrow ribbon along the coast from France. Mountains separate it from Piedmont to the north, Emilia Romagna to the east and Tuscany to the south.


The average temperature in summer, it’s usually between 25°C and 28°C, and 21°C at night. Even in the coldest months of January, February and March, the average daytime temperature is 12°C which makes for a pleasant stay even in the depths of winter. The sea is generally warm and from June to October is 19°C or higher.


The major city in Liguria is the historic port of Genoa, once one of the Mediterranean's great powers. The coast to the west of Genoa, dotted with resorts like Sanremo, is known as the western riviera, the Riviera di Ponente. In the other direction, heading southwards to Tuscany, the coast is called the Riviera di Levante, and encompasses the cliffside villages of the Cinque Terre, and the posh harbour Portofino.


Ligurian food is filling and delicious. The region is famous for its edible produce: olives, asparagus, artichokes and tomatoes; speciality dishes include pesto - with pasta or pizza. Specially recommended is farinata, a tasty snack which is made from chickpeas and which is delicious eaten hot in a takeaway.